ARJ Holding, the business empire it is today, started as one man’s vision to transform lives. The Group’s founder, Mr. Ahmed Ramadhan Juma, envisioned a progressive society built on the rock solid foundations of modern engineering and took the first steps by setting up a water pump business, way back in 1964. The escalated growth and rapid diversification in the years to follow is a testimony to his keen foresight and business acumen.

With the company’s foray into the building and construction sector, he earned considerable support and admiration for being an active contributor towards the country’s growth and for channeling business with prudence.

Fondly remembered for his humility, high moral values and sense of social responsibility, Mr. Juma’s principles and business ethics are put into practice till date and are at the very core of ARJ Holding’s operations.

Ahmed Ramadhan Juma
Founder – ARJ Holding