ARJ Switchgear

In line with our core competency of catering to the building and industrial service sector, our Switchgear Division assembles LV Switchgear that’s used in a variety of applications, ranging from villas and residential buildings to commercial and industrial facilities. A dedicated team of design professionals and quality assurance specialists ensure that the correct ratings and right components reflect in every finished product, an industry standard that has earned us the ASTA certification for the complete product range of LV switchgear from 250 to 2500 ampere.

Our Switchgear Division specializes in:

  • Custom built switchgear solutions
  • Design support to meet authority guidelines
  • Short lead time for manufacturing & delivery
  • Fully controlled QA / QC processes

ARJ Switchgear Product Portfolio includes:

  • Main Distribution Boards (MDBs) Form – II, III & IV
  • Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs)
  • Final Distribution Boards (DBs)
  • Power Factor Correction Panels (Capacitor Banks)
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC) Fixed and draw type ATS and AMF Panels
  • Starter (SS) Panels
  • Swimming Pool and Fountain Control Panels
  • Meter Cabinets
  • AHU Control Panels, Interlock and Protection Panels
  • Instrumentation and Measuring Panels
  • Lighting Power & Control Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • ATS & AMF Panels