Green Power

Global warming threatening our planet, ARJ Green Power is a step forward towards powering a more sustainable environment through engineered practices in the field of renewable energy.

“To be a leading Company in providing Integrated Renewable Technology Solutions to Middle East”

Our growth will be based on our high technical acumen coupled with innovative ideas in application and business ethics that will instill trust and faith of our customers forever.

“Our mission is to help our customers to tap into vast natural energy resources with the most efficient and reliable technologies and yet be competitive”

Going beyond the conventional scope of renewable technology providers, ARJ Green Power’s scope of services can be categorized into the following:

  • Technical and Financial Feasibility Study in Renewable Technologies
  • Design and development of Renewable Power generations and utilities
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Project Management – integrating Engineering and Construction management
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Maintenance

Sourced from the best manufacturers worldwide, ARJ Green Power’s wide range of technically advanced products are tested to offer our clients customized, reliable and durable renewable resource solutions.

  • Solar Power Plants
  • Waste to Energy Conversion
  • Solar Swimming Pool Heating & Cooling
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • LED & Plasma Lighting
  • Direct Optical Solar Lighting
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Air-Conditioners
  • Energy-efficient Street Lights
  • Energy Audit & Enhancements

At the heart of our renewable technology objectives and missions, is our commitment to create a cleaner, greener and better planet for our future generations, by adding value through our technical expertise and innovative abilities, engineered to convert requirements into results.