HVEM(Horizon Ventilation Equipment)

Supporting our operations in all aspects, ARJ Engineering’s Horizon Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing (HVEM) unit produces galvanized iron and pre-insulated ducts and accessories used in the HVAC industry. Adhering to best quality and stringent international industry standards, the production facility at Horizon is equipped with the latest precision equipment including a CNC auto coil line and plasma machinery to facilitate a short cycle time for delivery, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business.

HVEM highlights:

  • Deliver assembled and ready-to-install ducts to site
  • High production rate with consistent quality
  • Wide range offered from single source meeting SAMCNA / DW Standards
  • Standardization of ducts & accessories
  • Zero down- time on site installation
  • Computer-aided production machinery

ARJ Engineering’s HVEM product line includes a broad spectrum under the following categories:

Square & Rectangular Ducts

  • Galvanized Iron
  • Fire-rated
  • Pre-insulated

Duct Fittings

  • Taper
  • Take-off
  • Elbows

Duct Accessories

  • Volume control dampers
  • Access doors
  • Splitter dampers
  • Duct flange
  • Slide-on flange
  • Corners